Welcome to you !

I did not choose to be a "naive painter", I always painted according to my heart or my imagination but I ended up accepting this label placed on my works by gallery owners or critics. Finally I am happy to be part of this family of naive art, I met talented  artists and real friends there.
Not always well known to the general public, naive painting is part of the pictorial richness of the whole world although it is wrongly considered a minor art. It represents an imaginary world of poetry, fantasy, tenderness, an idealized return to childhood. It combines a precise line and meticulous attention to detail in a rainbow of colours. It is a natural, spontaneous art.
A painting is a crush between an artist who has "sketched" a scene of life and a lover of painting who places his gaze, we do not know why, on a canvas with the desire to see him share his dayly life.
Self-taugh painter in this beautiful Drôme Provençale, my wish is to transmit emotion from my canvases which are populated by characters and animals that I love against a background of landscapes that I know well or on the contrary totally out of common.
Sincerely yours.
 (Jully 2022)