Naïf painter
A breath of poetry in a world of technology

"With her paintings, the artist speaks with humour and tenderness of her native Provence which she adores, of her love for cats and other familiar animals and tells us every time a beautiful story. Diversity of the subjects, succeeded technique, the sharpness of the details,the harmony of the colours,  Monic-Michele's paintings are a delight, a real pleasure for the eyes, balm calming for the heart and it is with an infinite delight and an immense respect that she guides us in a world where life is enjoyable, a lighter everyday and where you are still allowed to dream."
                                                                      Michèle LE CARPENTIER 

"Made  the dream devours your life so that life does not devour your dream"
                                                                                                            Antoine de SAINT-EXUPERY